FinPersonnel Recruitment company
Top management placement within finance, auditing, accounting and security industries
FinPersonnel Recruitment company
Top management placement within finance, auditing, accounting and security industries
FinPersonnel Recruitment company
Top management placement within finance, auditing, accounting and security industries
16 years
on the market
600+ successful projects
(in 7 countries)
from 5 to 20 years
recruitment experience of our consultants
About us

Tetyana Sukhnatska,

Director at FinPersonnel Recruiting Company

We've founded FinPersonnel in 2004, at a time when many companies in Ukraine were just in proccess of implementing systematic approaches and international standards of work.

Narrow specialization is our conscious choice, that allows to have deep understanding of all the subtleties and factors as well as to monitor all changes in the market.

From the very beginning our main goal was to get to know all the CFO's of large and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine. Over these years we've been watching various manager's career development, while analyzing their performance and impact on business development.

We've always been proud of our contribution when new financial industry stars were beginning to shine through our involvement. We've expanded our experience by placing candidates into relevant positions for our clients in other foreign countries. I am strongly convinced, that financiers are the ones, who originating and providing systematic and professional management, driving the positive changes and taking the businesses to a new development level.

For employers
It is highly important for us to keep up an image of our clients and at each stage of our work, while providing the services, we are trying to convey their core values and positioning.
We do understand the features of our clients' businesses and looking for people who meet the requirements not only by qualification level, but also are best suited by their soft skills.
We offer our clients 3 services at the moment
01 Staff Search and Selection
Our clients' tasks often involve uncompromising requirements for the expertise and experience of candidates. That's why we use the Executive Search technology. It allows to reach out to candidates with proven qualifications who are usually not in the job search process.

Задачі наших клієнтів часто передбачають наявність безкомпромісних вимог до експертизи та досвіду кандидатів. Саме тому ми використовуємо технологію Executive search. Вона дозволяє охопити кращих кандидатів з підтвердженою кваліфікацією, які зазвичай не перебувають в процесі пошуку роботи.

The Steps of the Executive Search Process:

  • Doing a deep research about the client and its business needs. Forming the profile description and role of the candidate.
  • Defining the search area (countries, companies, positions), working at it and presenting the vacancy to the potential candidates.
  • Analyzing the experience, work results and candidate's motivation.
  • Collecting recommendations.
  • On behalf of clients, conducting negotiations regarding hiring and supporting the candidates after being employed by them.
02 Wage & Compensation surveys
We prepare industry reviews of wages and compensation. Clients are provided with detailed reports on the salary level and compensation package for each required position. This information is an indispensable tool in making important management decisions

When conducting a salary market analysis, we use different sources in order to obtain information: official company data, financial expectations of candidates, anonymous polls results.

The results are presented in the form of summarized information on the investigated industry for each dedicated position. The report shows: minimum and maximum wage levels, median, compensation package.

03 Outplacement
Advisory support for employees who got laid off

Outplacement provides support to employees with whom the employer had to stop the cooperation for some reason. Companies turn to us once its needed to do the termination process as painless as possible for both parties and to maintain good relations.

Outplacement stages:

  • Preliminary situation review and its discussion with the client.
  • Conducting a meeting with the candidate (developing his positioning in the labor market, assisting in CV preparation, consulting in the job market).
  • Active presentation of the candidate in the labor market.
Positions we have successfully filled for the last year
Head of Economic Security
Sox Specialist
Director of Banking Department
Investment Analyst
Head of Reporting (IFRS)
Tax Consultant
Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank
Vice President of Finance
Chief Accountant
Financial Controller
Chief Security Offecer
Executive Director
250+ companies already successfully cooperate with FinPersonnel
Risk Manager
SAP Consultant
For candidates
  • Our clients are large local and international companies -industry leaders. We have completed many challenging tasks while looking for effective financial managers with proven achievements and reputation.
  • In our work we pay the utmost attention to privacy and business ethics.
  • We are focused on building long-term relationships: we provide a support in adapting to a new position and advise on market changes.
Our vacancies mostly are not in public access. We would like to stay in touch and be able to offer exciting new challenges.
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office 41, section C, Kyrylivska Street 1-3, Kyiv, 04080, Ukraine

Working hours:

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm